Digital Dreams Music Festival

1005598_10101875783960982_1494200344_nBright lights, big city, music and conjuring my inner hippy. Digital Dreams Fest was the first two-day music festival that I’ve ever attended, and I’d do it all again.

IMG_3942For a new-by like myself, it was surprising that I had managed to gather awesome accessories and outfits. Living in Ottawa a few years ago, I had bought Uranium earrings from Slaysh, with a hot pink feather on one side and a treble clef on the other. A few months ago I saw a light pink flower headband at Forever21 that I had to have. One month before the festival, walking through Kensington Market with my girlfriends, I found a provocative tank with Adam Levine’s Vogue spread – him practically naked and posing with ex-girlfriend Victoria Secret Model’s hands covering his penis – that could only be worn at such a musicfest. While perusing H&M I found neon tank tops for $10 and jean shorts with funky, sparkly, leopard print IMG_3987hang-over pockets. With a last-minute run to the mall where we found neon sunglasses at Claire’s for $5…our outfits were complete!

Musicfests aren’t a fashion show, but I LOVE dressing up. Bright neon colours, and short shorts were all I wore.

Located at Ontario Place, Digital Dreams had three stages: dreams, echo beach and house of boom. I have to say, on day one  [29 June 2013] I loved Porter Robinson the most, he was unreal. After listening to mainly deep house and trance dj’s at echo beach at the beginning of the day, I needed a break. We headed over to the dreams stage, and eventually heard Porter Robinson’s electro mixes. As my boyfriend Andrew said, “he was electro, he used bass, but messed with it to give it an electric sound” that we loved.

IMG_3972Day two [30 June 2013] was amaze-balls! I literally lost my mind at how amazing all the dj’s at the dreams stage were. Hearing Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike for the first time was intense. For this duo, “It’s about track selection and reading your crowd” (, and that’s why I loved them. They had hard drops that Andrew and I had been waiting for all of day 1 and just didn’t experience until Porter Robinson. Then, Wolfgang Gartner was house music at its best, and I really enjoyed that aspect of his dj-ing.

Yet, it was Tiesto and the various mixes from his Club Life Albums (Volume 1 through 3) that exceeded our expectations. His smooth transitions, and hyped up drops were incredible. A IMG_3975creative, talented individual that had my friends and I dancing unlike we had the entire festival. Andrew lifted me on his shoulders during his new mix of Icona Pop and I couldn’t believe I was witnessing Tiesto spin live, his “progressive electro house” ( style is unmatched by any other dj. He’s brilliant for taking top 40 hits and making them completely his own. Club Life Volume 1 sounds like it mimics piano cords, which I think is complete genius, and it was a transcendental experience to hear spun.

IMG_4023Digital Dreams Fest was worth every dollar I spent to be there, and it was worth while to purchase our tickets as early as we did, back in February. Next, I want to hear Avicci or Benny Benassi live.

I’m addicted, and my deeholmes account completely reflects that. Follow me, by clicking the above link, to hear my fav mixes from Digital Dreams.


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2 Responses to Digital Dreams Music Festival

  1. Sami says:

    I love that Icona Pop remix!

    • Dee says:

      Me too!! I heard it for the first time at DD fest and I loooooooved it.

      I liked it beforehand and would blast it in my car while driving, but Tiesto’s version puts it on a whole other level!! 🙂

      Thanks for reading Sami!

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