herdmag 03

IMG_3907I’ve been dissatisfied with novels lately. Having been turned onto magazines at a young age – FASHION, Canadian Business, Toronto Life, etc. have always floated around our house – I continue to love them. Newly added to the list, is herd magazine, and though they’re only on issue 03, I look forward to reading it on my subway commutes.

With its nuanced, raw and honest images…some of the articles’ photography made me nervous about what onlookers, peering over from their seats on the TTC to take a snippet visual of what I was reading, would think. Soon, all my insecurities drifted away, as I immersed myself in the stories of Ottawa’s subcultural artists, musicians, coffee shop owners, tattoo artists, zine culture…and the list goes on.

IMG_3909My top fav articles this issue were Steph Vicente’s Letter From the Editor because it was heart-felt and gave me a better understanding of someone I’ve known my entire “Ottawa-life”. She gives an honest account of life’s anxieties, and especially her personal experience with experiencing social anxiety. Her ability to learn how to cope, move past it and grow is awe-inspiring.

Nadia and her Raw Sugar, an article also written by Steph – which I just noticed – is also neat. I’ve never ventured over to Raw Sugar Cafe while living in Ottawa, but I’ll be strolling in for a caffeine fix during my next visit. Not only was this article informative, in relation to Ottawa’s criteria – restrictions and fees put on business owners – for opening a business, but it exposed how Nadia’s dream of owning an “alternative culture hub” (herdmag 33) came into fruition, and was achieved. The best part is that this cafe is truly interconnected with its community, plus there is no wi-fi access, making customers ability to work, or leisurely read like Steph has, realistically attainable.

Last, since I can’t review every uniquely cleaver and intriguing article in issue 03, is The Dominion Nightclub by Michael Brian Fields. This article had me captivated. I expected it to be a true account of a witnesses’ experience seeing the Dominion Nightclub shut down for good. Instead, I was taken on a mystically enchanting ride. I won’t give too much away because this is a good read.

IMG_3910I love that I lived in Ottawa for six years, and still feel that I’m part of the culture through reading herd mag. herd defines “cultural livestock” as a noun that means: “persons who contribute to the cultivation of culture and/or the development of creativity by coming together as a herd”. I’ve realized that new vocabulary, or terminology, can be inspiring too.

Click on: herdmag 03 to download a copy!


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