Team Ush-er ush-er // The Voice

NBC’s The Voice. Yes, it’s a television contest, but I’ve watched EVERY season and each year it’s no different.

America screws up, they vote for the person I least support, or like. The winner last night, Danielle Bradbury, has an angelic voice that carries emotional weight behind it. With this record deal though, what type of songs is she possibly going to write? She’s a sixteen year old country singer. I doubt the content or innovation of her music is going to be THAT amazing.


Taken from NBC The Voice Official Website

Michelle Chamuel, on the other hand, is a bit older, wiser and has been working towards her dream of becoming a singer for longer then just one year of her life. I’m sure that Michelle has it covered, career wise that is, and Usher will take her under his wing. Most of the candidates end up on tour with their coaches as opening acts. Her quirky-nerdy like qualities, thick rimmed hipster glasses, and a humbleness that transcends through her vocals, Michelle will make it big. She’s already turned me into a fan along with my mom and Andrew.
Since it was my boyfriends first time watching NBC’s The Voice, my mom and I decided to make it interesting. We each chose one contestant that we believed would be “The Voice” from the beginning. Andrew chose Kris Thomas from Team Shakira – the man whose vocals sounded like a woman – he sang a Jackson Five song incredibly well. Emilia, my mom, picked Amber Carrington from Team Adam. She has a country voice, but when she was pushed by Adam to sing Adele’s theme song from James Bond, she blew my mind as she hit those upper range notes. I became frightful that Michelle would be knocked out. The pool was $5.00 each, and I was banking to win. As the last hour dwindled, it was down to two, I sat up in my seat. Michelle lost. As easily as I could have gained 10 bucks, I didn’t get anything for my fan-devotion!

What can you do, America’s votes are unpredictable!

I can’t wait for next season when all four of the original coaches take a seat in their revolving chairs to discover The Voice all over again…


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