Kalendar // The yummiest brunch in Toronto

IMG_3805If you want good food, and especially BRUNCH, go-eat-there. In Little Italy, on College street, is where you’ll find KALENDAR  (546 College Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M6G 1B1). Where the coffee is always pouring and the food is fantastic.

Recommended by my friend Christina, and after perusing the menu, I was set. Quiche – not just any Quiche – but a three cheese, smoked salmon Quiche. The fish melted in my mouth and the cheese wasn’t salty, but creamy. Sometimes Quiche sits heavy in my stomach, so I was hesitant to go with my gut instinct.

IMG_3814The worst is when you’re out for a meal at a new restaurant, and the person next to you orders something more delectable and tasty then yours! I’m glad I risked it though because the pie crust with eggs was light, and crispy. As a side I had a salad with tomato and cucumber salsa that mixed into the lightly dressed spinach perfectly! The flavour was bruschetta like – yet greek like – and vinaigrette-y. The perfect first meal of the day.


IMG_3819Good company is always important, so it was great to catch up with my Ottawa girlfriends who were visiting for the weekend. I truly felt like a scene from Sex and the City, sipping – or gulping in Jess’s case – our cinnamon infused coffees, having uninhibited conversations. I can be my WHOLE self with these girls, and there is no judgement passed. We truly love each other. After the stresses of trying to find a full-time job over these past couple of months, it was nice to decompress with the people I’ve CHOSEN to be friends with. I’ve come to learn that your University friends are the people you chose to connect with, and for that reason they’ll last a lifetime. There are no obligations.

IMG_3818Even the guys beside us, a group of friends, snuggled up together in a booth at Kalendar. Clearly, there is something for everyone on this menu!

Here’s to delicious food, most importantly – delicious COFFEE – plus spending time with people who will be my friends forever. They just can’t get rid of me.


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6 Responses to Kalendar // The yummiest brunch in Toronto

  1. Christina says:

    Love love this 🙂 xoxo

  2. ellejay613 says:

    The coffee WAS amazing!! And nothing beats girl talk over tasty food! 🙂

  3. Laura SwampDonk says:

    This post makes me miss you more!

    • Dee says:

      Aw Laura, Leslie and I want to take you here, if you’re willing to go 🙂

      It’s also SUPER inexpensive, which I forgot to mention.

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