Viral Episode – Viral Video – it’s a “Red Wedding”

It was brought to my attention by my friend, Veronica, that a YouTube video called “Game of Thrones: Red Wedding Reactions Compilation” has gone VIRAL. Yes, that 2nd last episode, where everything came to a head for the Stark family, was not only epic within itself, but people’s reactions to the episode is a hit too!

Focusing on the last scene, when EVERYONE DIED, I was stunned. Unable to go forward with my day, even 20 minutes after watching the episode. Calling my cousin to discuss these traumatic events was all I could focus on doing. The first woman’s reaction in the above film was me. Immediately I put my hands over my mouth, and screamed out swear words in disbelief at the murders taking place, with eyes wide open.

I know that the harsh reality in GoT (Game of Thrones) is that only some revenge seekers succeed, but Lord Walder Frey is a dirty-old-bastard! His orchestration of this massacre was beyond the types of revenge I’ve seen thus far in the GoT series. It came as no surprise, as the wooden doors slowly closed and Catelyn Stark (Robb’s mother) began to catch on to Lord Walder Frey’s master plan. Instantly I was convinced that bad things were about to happen. As an audience-member, I began to panic, and couldn’t even fathom what was to happen next.

Throughout the entire episode each Stark was getting closer and closer to their brothers and sister, even the bastard brother, Jon Snow had made it over the wall. I thought Jon would walk up that tower to find the two youngest boys of the clan, but he rode away instead. Arya’s exposure to the death of her mother, brother and their soldiers, but most importantly to Jon’s dog, was unbearable. All she wants is to be reunited with her family, IMG_3789and her intuition while with Dog that this opportunity was slipping away couldn’t have been more accurate.

My predictions – that I’ve thoroughly discussed with the originator of them, Isabella – is that at the end of the ENTIRE  GoT series Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen will be the last standing. Neither have blood ties that matter to them. Though Jon Snow has the Stark Family, we’ve seen that they’re easily murdered on account of being too trusting. I’m torn as to whether it will be a showdown between these two characters or a marriage will take place uniting them, but you heard it here first – if either outcome happens.

How, just HOW, are they going to top this scene in the season finale???! I’ll never be able to predict it, but I can’t wait to watch.


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