Nails Nails Nails

I’m not one for painting my nails often – I get around to doing it about 1-2 times per year – unlike my toes, which get prettied up with a pedi about once a month. I think my internship is rubbing off on me because I decided to get my annual manicure a couple of weeks ago.

It turned out splendid! A bit overpriced, but it was a splurge, so that’s how I justified it. Having taken samples of Butter London and Urban Decay’s Naked Polishes from work, I was excited to remove the shellac and apply some of my own colour!

IMG_3714Last week my tummy wasn’t feeling so regular – thanks to some questionable chicken my brother cooked up at the cottage for us, I’m convinced – so I called in sick to work. That morning I got my PAINT on.

IMG_3716I chose Butter London’s Yummy Mummy – a beige-y, pinky neutral and added some party nails with a sparkly brown, gold by Urban Decay called Sidecar.

Together, these tones not only complimented each other, but looked pretty good! I had recently learned some pointers that I found really help!

1. Nail Polish dries almost simultaneously – when it’s on, you need to work quickly – and apply as much as you need for a full – first – thin – layer.

2. Start in the middle of the nail, and push the polish back towards the cuticle. Then forward to the tip of the nail. This way you get a more even coverage.

3. Apply about 3 thin layers, rather than a couple of thick ones. Unless it’s a sparkle based polish. Those are extremely hard to get off, and so the less layers the better.

I guess I wasn’t always so nail-polish-shy. My cousin, Isabella, stumbled across this image, and it seems like I always loved to mix and match colour.
Happy Painting!



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