“Keep it moving!”

Unexpectedly – though it seems both logical and necessary – following the first interviews that I had for a couple of Writer Editor positions, I was asked to complete a writing test.

IMG_1882Recently, I made an online portfolio of my published work. Thinking this would be enough to seal me a full-time position as a writer editor with some lucky company. Yet, there was a lot riding on this so-called “writing test”. Game to complete the task, I couldn’t help but question why I had to prove myself when I had valuable examples available for the employers to see.

I understand that these Human Resource employees needed to ensure that I could produce work in a style of writing that pertains to their actual company or organization. Wouldn’t you think that I’d be more guaranteed the position if asked to do that though? I tried not to get my hopes up, but I couldn’t resist. The jobs were right there! Dangling in front of my eyes and all I had to do was write well. I could do that.

I didn’t get offered either of the positions. Disheartened and teary eyed – that’s an understatement because I cried a lot – I decided that all I could do was accept the reality, take it as an invaluable experience on account of interview practice and keep applying.

I applied to about 7 jobs the night I found out that I didn’t land either position, and that was after tutoring at Sylvan. If anything, it was a shit ton of motivation to “keep it moving” as my friend Kim would say.


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2 Responses to “Keep it moving!”

  1. Christina says:

    I think it’s totally inspiring that you’ve been able to keep a positive attitude. I know you’ve had disheartening moments and I can only imagine how hard job hunting can be, but it’s amazing to see you continually pull through and not give up! Love you lots and sending you good vibes! Xo

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