GIRLS a season in review

With two episodes left – and right before the return of Game of Thrones on HBO – Isabella and I have realized that GIRLS episodes this season have been hit or miss. It’s tough for shows to maintain the level of energy and spontaneity of season 1, so I don’t mean to be too critical – but here are some thoughts:

1. Least Favourite.
My least favourite episodes are the ones that are singular topics or focused on one characters’ story line, like Hannah. These episodes are less sarcastic and have a serious tone – one of life discovery. Yes, this happens in our twenties, but there are supportive characters in shows for a reason. I miss Shoshanaa.

This especially comes to mind in last weeks episode Video Games (Jessa visiting her father with Hannah) and One Man’s Trash (Hannah’s love affair with a recently separated man). It’s too much of one flavour – like when you order macaroni and cheese at a fancy restaurant and get sick of it because it only tastes like one thing, noodle cheese. 

2. Nicknames?
Since when did everyone start referring to Shoshanna as ‘Shosh’? This nickname – sort of – came to life in season 2 and it’s an awful short-form. Especially when Hannah and Ray enunciate the “Sh” – “Ooo” – shHH” in a high-pitched tone?!

Phonic’s, gotta love’em.

3. Elijah.
Don’t you just miss him? Cause I do. Isabella and I both love Elijah and the role he played in Hannah’s life. It was a hilarious scene, the day Elijah was forced to move out after sleeping with Marnie, and I knew exactly what Hannah meant when she said she shouldn’t have “repurposed” him back into her life. Now actor Andrew Rannells, who plays Elijah, is on The New Normal…a show Isabella and I know nothing about.

Just come back.

4. Future hopes & questions.
Marnie – Figure it out, and believe in yourself. Its tough. Especially when ex-boyfriends are becoming more successful than you, but you know you’re a singer now thanks to Ray…so live it up.
Shoshanna – Break up with Ray. I just don’t like him that much.
Hannah – Have less “sexcapades” and spend more time actually writing! What ever happened to the article you wrote about being on coke? Did it turn out well?

Isabella and I both admire the wit and humour that is Lena Dunham. Anything we write or say will never live up to what GIRLS has become. I love the show and am excited for the season finale, despite everything I’ve ridiculed above.

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