From 3 to 1…Jobs

IMG_3249Someone on Facebook said “for the shortest month of the year why does it feel so long? End already February!” No matter how true this is, and it’s true because February 2013 has felt like a lifetime, I don’t want this month to end. I still do not have a full-time position, or my career under control.

I hit a low point last week – insert apology here: addressed to my closest friends, novio and family because they dealt with my panic attack, convulsive crying, and depressed state last week – once Sylvan broke the news that they’d have less and less hours for me.

From 3 jobs to 1 I couldn’t handle it. Being unemployed AGAIN and without a pay check is not fun. Thus far, Sylvan’s part-time hours and great pay enabled me to go on vacation while remaining at the same account balance!! With less high school English students – my expertise as a high level English tutor is no longer needed. Understandable, but not ideal.

In relation to the freelance editing I was hired for…well, there isn’t anything currently. All the networking I’ve done has paid off – that in Cuba and through my connections at Carleton – but they just don’t have completed projects that they need me for.

IMG_3250Ironically, prior to the news, I felt discouraged and began to lack confidence in my ability to land a job. Continuously applying week after week – no interviews have come my way. I am qualified for the positions I apply to, so that’s not the problem. Having discussed matters with the Editor-in-chief at Cosmetics – my boss Kristen – I’ve come to realize that with a little bit of regrouping I can only go up from here.

I’ve begun to put together a writing portfolio and am considering investing in a unique case for it. Kloportfolios are a Vancouver based company that make custom screwpost portfolios. Get excited!

I continue to apply to Writer/Editor positions with various companies, and freelance writer positions that catch my eye. Something is bound to happen. If it doesn’t I may be going back to school, which seems to be a natural feeling for most graduates without full-time positions. A 1-2 year program in Journalism at a college wouldn’t hurt.

Some things going for me are that: I’m debt free, and living rent free with my parents – did I mention Matthew (my brother) is still kicking it here too? Just while he waits for his condo to be built – we are the boomerangs of the world.

I will bounce back. I’ve got to.


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