La mia famiglia

s51111ca123045_16Well, it is holiday Monday – Family Day – but do you really spend time with your family?

Living at home leaves me to believe that you do, but not by choice. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy mia famiglia. I do. Now that I live with my parents though, it isn’t necessary to have a holiday designated to doing just that – hang out with them.

We did consider some activities. Going to see a movie, mini putting or even bowling. None of which have happened yet – haha. So I thought that I’d commemorate my first cousins today. Remember that photo shoot I told you about a couple of weeks ago in my post White Shirts? Well, here are some snapshots from the professional photos taken that day. I think my grandparents are gonna love’em.


The white tops were a success! We all looked so unique – since our styles are so different – and yet put together.

I can’t wait to see the looks on my grandparents faces when they receive the actual collage this Easter Holiday.

None of us will ever forget the laughs we had that day. People were dropped, and we had my 32 year old brother doing the poses of a 6-year-old.


s51111ca123045_23But, shhhh! It’s a secret, so don’t tell my Nonnies what we got them.




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One Response to La mia famiglia

  1. Love Mom says:

    Since picture taking was a great success the next cousin portrait will be taken at Julia and Sylvio’s wedding. At that time everyone will wearing formal apparel and all be looking GREAT!
    Hopefully everyone can react one of the pictures.

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