Infinite White // Snowstorm

Leave it to Emilia (my mom) to be pissed when she got home from work and I hadn’t  shovelled the drive way. Luckily, I didn’t have to commute downtown to my Editorial internship today. None of my bosses were making it in to the Rogers office. It was only fair that I bundle up and help…especially when I don’t pay for gas and use the cars quite frequently.

Little did I know that this snowstorm isn’t just piles of white fluffy snow, but rather its wet snow that’s forming CHUNKS of ice underneath each mound.

The last time I was in Toronto and it snowed more than 3-5 inches was when I was five years old. I swear. It’s not like I’m not used to it though. Having lived in Ottawa for the last six years of my life – I had to get pretty cozy with the idea of commuting in 20-30 inches of this infinite white stuff.

IMG_3068 If it hadn’t been for Ottawa I wouldn’t own my sorrel boots, which came in handy during this mornings shovel fest. Emilia and I had some pretty good laughs about how ridiculous I looked in my pajama’s and boots. Plus the way I shovelled wasn’t always the most efficient…blowing around everywhere.

Leave it to us Torontonians – Emilia and I – to give up halfway and hire the drive by snow plough-er! She tried to negotiate with him, but he wouldn’t take anything less than twenty dollars. So, that’s exactly what we did, and you know what? It was seriously worth every dollar.


IMG_3069To the left is how far we got, and to the right – well – that was ALL the plough.

Happy snow day Toronto!! Enjoy it while it lasts…


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