White Shirts // Family Photo-shoot

It all started with needing an 80th Birthday Present for my Nonno…and then it turned into a slight fiasco. When there are three sisters involved – the blame often shifts – and no one ever owns up to whose idea it really was.

My mom is the eldest of three girls – Anna is the middle sister (plus my God Mother) and Connie is the youngest. It isn’t often that they brainstorm gift ideas for my grandparents together, but this year due to my Nonno’s 80th, conversations commenced. It started with wanting to take a family portrait, but not just any family portrait, this would consist of only the first cousins. All six of us.

This doesn’t seem like a big deal, but of course the colour scheme decided on – jeans and a white top – frazzled us all. None of us seemed to have a white shirt handy in our closets. Hence, a shopping trip was in order, and of course I over-purchased. I went from having nothing to wear to now owning 5 white tops and a white dress! Insane.

When asked, “who decided it had to be a white top?”, no one took responsibility. My mom and Connie claimed it was Anna, but early Sunday morning my mother received a text from Anna’s daughter – and my cousin – Julia. It read: “Zia, what colour top again?” Haha, I nearly lost my shit.

On top of all this, no one knows whether we should wear heels or flats? What type of makeup and hair we should have in the photo? It doesn’t seem to matter though because regardless – this Sunday at 11am SHARP – our family photo is going down.

At least I can add some new spring/summer wear to my collection for 2013…all we need is for the snow to continue melting, this rain to stop and the sun to break through.


From Left to Right: J. Crew, Forever 21, Forever 21


J. Crew Spring/Summer Dress


Both tops from Zara Sale Rack


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