Quarters…not as good as dollars, but better then pennies.



Today is my REAL 25th birthday. I’m not sad, or upset about it. A quarter is a quarter, and at least I’m not 30 yet.

You’d think I’d feel more grown up, but I don’t. When people ask me my age the first number that pops into my mind is 20, and for them it’s 19.

I still make illogical life choices especially when it comes to romantic relationships, and I can’t explain why. I’m just not ready to be in a committed relationship – unless it’s all consuming love and my feelings lead me in that direction – strangely, I’m happy exploring life on my own for the moment. Having close friends that support your life decisions – and love you regardless of your mood – helps a lot. As Britany brought up the other day, we’re lucky to have the friends we do because our lives will never feel empty.


Isabella and I

One might say it’s the same in relation to work. I’m staying at Cosmetics Magazine as an Editorial Intern for an indefinite amount of time, and am doing freelance writing for them that I could potentially be getting paid for. It’s just not in their budget. So, I keep reminding myself that this experience is invaluable because it is. As a Sylvan Learning Center Tutor I’ve begun to really enjoy and respect the kids I teach, but I could never see myself as a straight-up, full-time teacher. I would have gone to teacher’s college for that.

Every Monday I continue to apply to full-time positions such as those entitled: Assistant to the Editor, Freelance Writer (Contract), or Freelance Editor (Contract) as well as communication positions that are social media and writing oriented. Nothing has panned out, but it takes time and I understand that.


Christina and I

Once Christina and I returned from Cuba I became re-obsessed with house music (such as Swedish House Mafia), and engaging in a care-free lifestyle. I remain focused and committed to things like family, being a solid friend, and having a strong work ethic. I’ve learned the hard way that you can’t go through life thinking you can control everything. People do what they want, and so do I – or you – at the end of the day, but being considerate and honest are things I pride myself in.

When I was sad just last week – once the realization of Cuba being over set in and before Saturday’s birthday festivities – I hate to think it was due to a “quarter life crisis” and life’s uncertainties. Stress is stress and it happens. It’s those who push through it that succeed, and I plan on pushing – obviously with the help of those who love me.

At the age of 25 I can honestly say I’ve had a FANTASTIC life. This past Saturday I invited everyone to my house for drinks and cake. The cake never got eaten but shots were flowing, and even my mom was part of some rounds. I (literally) enjoyed everyones company so much that it brought tears to my eyes when Christina and Jess gave me a card signed by everyone in the room. We’ve really lived our lives.

Celebrations are few and far between, and I’ve always been obsessed with my birthday. Going to The Boat in Kensington Market was the time of my life this year, and I hope every birthday is as memorable as the ones I’ve had.

P1030078Here’s to my 25th Birthday!




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3 Responses to Quarters…not as good as dollars, but better then pennies.

  1. Cammie says:

    Wait….there was cake?

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