PEACE Toronto // HOLA Cuba!


MY FAMILY groovin’ on Christmas Eve.

Now that Christmas is over…I can focus on CUBA.

MELIA CAYO Santa Maria to be exact!!

Yes it was expensive, but considering the time of year that we’re going – Christmas Holidays, New Years Eve plus the 4.5/5 star rating of our hotel – I don’t mind, and neither does Christina. We’d rather be safe than sick, and all we want is HEAT, SAND, RELAXATION and SUN.


Christina and I on our LAST vacation together!!

I know I’ve been lacking on the posts, but this Holiday season nearly killed me. I caught a cold, and have been running around – having fun – with family and friends the entire week.

SO, while I’m gone ISABELLA – my most favourite family member, and someone who constantly makes me laugh with her witticisms in relation to today’s pop culture – is going to GUEST POST for me. I cannot wait to read what she comes up with while I’m away. Though she is 5 years younger then me, I look up to her a lot.

BE KIND and support the flow of her words as she continues to develop as a writer.

Peace out Toronto! See you in the NEW YEAR folks.


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2 Responses to PEACE Toronto // HOLA Cuba!

  1. Lillian Holmes-Moray says:

    I love the Guest Post idea. Good luck Isabella. Have a fantastic trip Dee. Stay safe.

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