Can dreamers be realists?


Miami – South Beach

Sometimes I question whether I’m a dreamer or a realist.

I get things done. Whether I decide to do something subconsciously or consciously doesn’t matter because once I make up my mind, and especially if I say it out loud, I have to accomplish it. It kind of runs in our family. The dream or desire is instantaneously made into a reality.

Are there two distinct types of people then? Dreamers and realists. I know my father is a realist, where as my mom prefers to dream. I can still hear my dad asking: “is that a need or a want?” when I wanted a lollypop at age 5. Mom’s entire life has been about thinking outside the box. One might call her a visionary. For example, wrapping gifts in unique ways is her forte, and that’s something I’ve picked up on along the years. Both parents achieved personal goals in relation to their careers, so ultimately I believe that they guided each other.


Miami, South Beach – An Art Studio

Can there be a breach between these two seemingly distinct character types? An “in-between-er”? Dreaming leads to realizing what your life goals should be, well…it does for me. Sort of like my Masters Degree, and current job(s) situation.

During my third year of university I grabbed my Crayola markers, a blank piece of printing paper and wrote:


as my motivational declaration, and taped it above my mirror. Based on pure instinct, and knowing I wanted to be recognized as an intellectual, I decided my Masters was happening. Similarly, once I finished my Masters in August I decided I would teach and write for a magazine. I applied like a mad-woman day in and day out. Things fell into place.

Setting realistic goals and accomplishing them falls on the side of being realistic, but my creative instincts – like writing – lead me to believe that I am also a dreamer. Where does that leave me? If we were all – really just – dreamers I don’t think we would actually get things done. I’ll settle for being a bit of both.

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2 Responses to Can dreamers be realists?

  1. EPP says:

    Great reflection!

    I think most people occupy that space between dreamer and realist.
    It might be appropriate to call these ‘inbetweeners’ the realistic dreamers.
    Your dream- to be recognized as an intellectual- is indeed a realistic one. It is realistic in the sense that the odds of you actually achieving this dream were heavily dependent on the strong work ethic required to attain a high level of education. The realist in you-compelled to succeed- made the dream a priority. So you fucking studied, got A’s and the rest was history.

    A true dreamer, in my opinion, leaves the actualization of their dreams up to luck or good fortune.
    While the true dreamer waits to win the lottery, the realistic dreamer is working for that paycheck.

    Sweetest dreams,


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