Two Bite Saloon, how are you?

Deep in the soul of the city – Toronto of course – Bloor Street/Ossington area, exists a little joint called Two Bite Saloon. There you will find a:

“Southern style slider-house serving GMO free meats, organics and everything local! [With] awesome cocktails and craft beers”.


IMG_2265Sounds like a hipsters paradise, I know. The drinks aren’t weaklings either…two ounce cocktails that will have you feeling good, warmed up from the cold, and chatty. At least I was with my old roommate Suni. We don’t get together ENOUGH, so on this snowy Friday night we decided to test out this new restaurant she’d heard about.

Being Two Bite Saloon virgins, we decided to take our chances and order three different sliders – as opposed to 2 or 3 of the same kind. The Fish – Wild Catfish, Pulled Pork, and Brisket were our sliders of fancy. Not knowing how we’d feel about the Catfish, a bottom feeder, we took the plunge. It was incredibly delectable and savoury. Simply put, it was the best slider we ate, and we were sad to see it go once we devoured them. Next, the pulled pork was also unreal. So deliciously moist. The last, which I shouldn’t have eaten more of after the first bite, wasn’t our favourite. The Brisket just fell through on both flavour and tenderness, especially in comparison to the Pulled Pork.


IMG_2269Speaking on Suni’s behalf, we both HIGHLY recommend the Kale as a side (and so did our waitress). I love dark green veggies as it is, but having Kale for the first time was incredible. The poutine wasn’t too shabby either or the Corn bread rolls.
All in all I’d be a returning customer…not for those cocktails though. That wasn’t worth it for me. Way too strong…and I like drinks that heat up your insides – doubles of spiced rum and coca cola are kind of my thing – but that was just one drink I couldn’t help but leave behind…with a nice tip of course. After all, it was the first snowfall.

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