My Friends Who Write Got Involved

THANK GOD, my friends who write got involved in my writing life. If they hadn’t I’m sure I’d still be lost in thought.

Since my days working in retail at Black’s Photography with Francesco…he and I have bonded over books. Beginning with what we studied in University – English Literature – to what we were reading at the time, how passionate we are about novels and NOW over my dream of writing a novel…we couldn’t help but remain friends. Fortunately, after I posted “To Write a Novel or Not? That is the Question” he privately messaged me on Facebook with advice.

Ironically, his first suggestion was the same as my writer friend at Cosmetics Magazine: “Read Stephen King’s A Memoir Of The Craft: On Writing“. This is where my research begins.

Taken from Stephen King’s Novel

I’m already about 50 pages in – Stephen King’s novel – and am taking notes on his life experience and writing advice. What I’ve learned thus far is to NEVER staple your manuscript, but to fasten the pages together with a paperclip – solid. Have an amazing EDITOR because they help you to be the best WRITER you can be. Ideas for novels don’t come from one specific place. Apparently all creative writers know this, and I sort of did before reading this, but it’s true. Ideas just appear, and if you’re a good writer you recognize them in the moment and write about it. The last thing I’ll note about Stephen King’s wise words is his recognition that once you’ve become a renowned author, and that means you’ve been published, magazines/publishers/etc. reject you less. It’s a realistically vicious cycle…

Also added to my list of research books are:
Writers and Their Notebooks Edited by Diana M. Raab
How to Write & Sell Your First Novel by Oscar Collier with Frances Spatz Leighton

When I showed up to Cosmetics Magazine this past Monday these books were waiting for me in a bag – thanks to my new writer friend. All these books are borrowed, which is AWESOME because I only work part-time tutoring. Though I’d love to buy my own copies and make notes in them…I’ll settle for borrowing. That’s what my blog is for anyway – to keep track of what I’ve learned!



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  1. Love Mom says:

    Sounds impressive.

  2. Lexa S. says:

    I think you deserve a one lovely blog award!! See here:

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