To write a novel or not? That is the question.

My desk & Inspiration Board.

It’s part of my 10 year or – to be a little bit more realistic – my 30 year plan? Who knows, but I would love to write a novel. Fiction of course. With a twist of my real life adventures and people I know hidden in there.

Despite that, I have a few concerns about this dream. I recently discussed these pre-thought jitters with a fellow writer who works for various magazines produced by Rogers Publishing Ltd.

1. People say “write about what you know”.
So…do I wait for divine inspiration to strike me down with a topic, or wrestle with ideas by analyzing, thinking and ruminating for years? Usually when I write blog posts – YES I KNOW, they are much shorter than ‘said’ novel – the topic seems to fall into my lap. Then again, I’ve never taken any creative writing courses and maybe I should before I intellectually fight with ideas.

Walking to work.

2. Enough Experience?
Do I have enough experience to write a full-fledged novel? What I mean by this is life experience, so material I can creatively use in relation to plot development, or characters, or page design…it would be thrilling to write a post modernist, intertextual novel. However, it isn’t just life experience that’s my concern here. What about writing experience? Do I have the stamina to write an ENTIRE novel? I’m not entirely sure. It takes me a chunk of time to be satisfied with these posts, let alone make time to write them these days.

3. Time.
Do I have enough of it? My co-worker – the writer – is currently editing her final draft. This task is spreading out over her weeknights and 16-20 hours per weekend. It leaves me thinking…what length of time would it take me to complete a good copy? I would not be happy with sentence structure mistakes like those I’ve come across in The Hunger Games Series. I wonder if I’d remain committed to finishing, knowing it takes years to write, and complete novels. 

Inspiration board…could be transformed into a story board.

4. Overall Doubts.
Who would my audience be, and would they enjoy reading my novel? My mom doesn’t even read all of my blog posts, nor do my best friends. I don’t know if I can write something that is appealing to everyone or that people could get lost in.

The future is unknown for a reason, and thinking about these general questions leads me to believe it could happen. Despite all these doubts and seeing the stress of my co-worker while she devotes her time to editing…

I’d still like to do it. Maybe I’m just not old enough yet.


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2 Responses to To write a novel or not? That is the question.

  1. Christina says:

    Um, I read all your blog posts!! I’ve read every single one!

    I think that instead of writing something to appeal to everyone you should focus more on something that you deeply connect with, either something that makes you happy or something that you love and feel passionate about… call me corny but I feel like that’s a better approach. The editing period will bring lots of other opinions to shape it into a better piece of work.

    I’ve always enjoyed the idea of a novel being a slow culmination of things.. like being struck with an idea or thought here and there, jotting it down, and coming back some time later to all these striking reveries that give rise to the beginnings of a novel! But I’m a romantic at heart who writes for personal pleasure and not professionally, so it’s easy for me to daydream in such a way, haha.

    Our friend Mary is starting a writing group! You should consider joining 🙂

    • Dee says:

      LOL like I told Sarah it was more of a sarcastic dig at my family, but I didn’t want them to think that it was ONLY them who don’t read all my posts.

      THANK YOU for continuing to be an awesome friend, and supporter of my life/life decisions!! I love you Ippers!

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