“Shine bright like a diamond” // 11th Annual COSA Awards

 Last night I attended the 11th Annual COSA awards at the Royal York Hotel (Toronto), and was seated at the Rogers table with my fellow co-workers at Cosmetics Magazine.

What are the COSA awards? Well…
“the COSA program honours the outstanding customer service achievements of cosmeticians, beauty advisors, fragrance advisors and demonstrators and draws public attention to the important ‚ (and far too often unrecognized) work that they do” – Cosmetics Magazine Website.

There were quit a few surreal moments last night. First, it was bizarre, yet amusing to hear the introduction speeches – that I helped write for each winner – announced to me and the entire audience. The words seemed more eloquent as they were brought to life by some of the most renowned Beauty Industry Icons.

Swag Bag.

Honoured to attend and share in listening to the thank-you speeches of each winner, I was moved by each individuals words and happiness. They shared their personal experiences, expressed their passion for their careers, and gave heart-felt acknowledgements to those special few who helped them along the way. What extraordinary people! They continue to make a difference in their customers lives, and help them to feel beautiful from the inside out.

James R. Hicks. Such a charismatic and genuine Vice President, Publisher and boss. Mr.  Hicks is someone people in all parts of the Beauty Industry view as a celebrity, and I get to interact with him on a weekly basis. Mr. Hicks along with all the other Cosmetics Magazine employees – who are equally as caring and passionate about their contributions to the magazine and work – make a great team. Saying kind things about us Editorial Interns all night to people who were unknown to us, made me feel humble and lucky. Humble in my writing capabilities and lucky to have landed such a great internship within Rogers Publishing Ltd.

Of course my loving mom picked me up at Finch station’s Kiss & Ride regardless of the late hour. Gotta love her for supporting me and my networking, event attending, professional endeavours. Especially after wearing swanky platforms that started to ache…just slightly, so worth it.


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2 Responses to “Shine bright like a diamond” // 11th Annual COSA Awards

  1. Isabella says:

    LOVE THIS! So proud of you Dee! Sounds amazing and from what I can tell you looked hella fab as well!

    • Dee says:

      Hey Is,

      Thank you for your commmment! It brought tears to my eyes knowing that you – and the rest of our fam – are proud of me and support what I’m doing career wise.

      It was an amaze event, and I was so proud to be part of it. I HAD to blog about it. PLUS I did look good 😉 LOTS of compliments…WOO!

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