To all those Halloween Nights

Halloween has become more and more popular, so I hear. My dad isn’t just on trend, but has always been a HUGE Halloween buff. We used to decorate our front lawn with fake corpses, gravestones, hands coming up from the ground, and huge spider webs covering our front entrance.

It’s no surprise that I love this non-real-Holiday. Throughout high-school and University I loved dressing up. Whether it was something funny, somewhat slutty, or an iconic character – I’ve done it all on Halloween. We even dressed up for pub-crawls, flip cup tournaments, birthday photo booths, or whenever costumes were made available to us…I tend to like being dramatic.

This year has been an exception. Working Saturday’s as a tutor and being HORRIFICALLY sick this past week with the flu resulted in NO dressing up. Sad, I know. Instead I had a HALLOWEEN inspired Movie Marathon while curled up in my bed.

TODAY I am tutoring, and so I plan to reuse an old costume – The Cat in the Hat – while at work…but for now, here’s to all those Halloween’s that I role played with friends, danced in my costume, and drank the night away.

Time for a Halloween PICTURE MONTAGE
Dress-Up Picture MONTAGE


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