It’s the littlest things like “Tomato Love”.

I’m unemployed. YES it’s only been about two weeks since I returned from Ottawa, but believe me it isn’t that exciting or glamorous. My biggest thrills have been exercising, finding jobs that match my qualifications, and eating at Nonna’s house.

Then something happened. Just recently I walked around my Nonno & Nonna’s (grandparents) garden and snapped some shots of their veggies. One might say I created a little collection of homegrown, backyard garden pictures.

In order to be the most creative – sarcasm – I uploaded the photos on instagram (an iPhone app) and changed the colouring. I hash-tagged “tomato-love” and Gastropost – a special section in National Post -commented on my pic. They asked if they could use it in the National Post because this weeks feature was tomatoes. Why not? I wouldn’t get paid but photo credit is exciting enough! They sent me a link of the publication.

Anyone can do this! Here is how it works (instructions are from Gastropost’s website):

1. Get a mission

Each week, we’ll assign a new food mission. If you’re a food lover, accept it.

2. Do a mission

Some missions will be easy. Others will challenge you a bit more.

3. Gastropost it

Once you’ve completed a mission, share your experience. Completed missions will be shared here and in National Post newspaper.

I went to buy the National Post today so that I could share this with my grandparents…it was their garden and heart-shaped tomato that inspired me in the first place.


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2 Responses to It’s the littlest things like “Tomato Love”.

  1. cam says:

    soo coooool!!!

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