It doesn’t ALWAYS have to be Muskoka.

I’ve spent time in Muskoka and Wasaga beach…and you know what? We love Bananas Beach Club. So for all you Muskoka lovers we discussed it on the drive up, and we choose Wasaga because it’s always a good time.

For me Labour day long weekend is linked with birthday celebrations. This year the party girl – my good friend Alee from high-school – decided on Wasaga Beach as our party destination.  The key to cottage parties and especially those hosted in Wasaga is that you should ONLY be silly. Stupid shit is going to happen and things will be out of your control so don’t take yourself too seriously.

That being said…I think it’s virtuously impossible to be mature in Wasaga or at Bananas when you’ve agreed to dress up like Gilligan for the weekend. What was our theme you ask? Nautical of course.

Some of the props like the boat and wet suit belonged to Britany’s cottage, but the hats were purchased from party stores – that sell Halloween costumes – and from a friends of a friends dance costume. Streamers, water wings, buckets, candies in the shape of ocean creatures, giant bubble blowers, twine, red party cups, paper plates, and plastic telescopes were all purchased from dollar stores/Wal-Mart on the journey up. We were committed to making this theme happen and keeping it a surprise.

You’d think we pulled it off by the looks of it, but we didn’t. Alee creeped her sisters Facebook and found the private event.

What are you going to do? Well, party on anyway, but only after you’ve saved the fish from all the “pollution”.

This blow up fish and a mysterious chicken hat made it out to the bar with us among a ton of other props like a pop-up sailboat book for kids. The purpose? To get strangers to sign it and wish Alee a happy birthday.

The only difference between partying at the cottage and pre-drinking verses dancing inside bananas was that it was no longer a birthday party, but rather it became a bachelorette party. Alee was our – not 24 – but 20-year-old bride. The rest of us were the bridesmaids. The looks on people’s faces was priceless.

What an adventure…


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2 Responses to It doesn’t ALWAYS have to be Muskoka.

  1. Kyna says:

    Absolutely amazing Dee ! Amazing ! And I love Wasaga too !

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