It tastes better in Ottawa // Shawarma

Ordering…serious business.

Shawarma. Need I say anything else?

Of course I should. I planned a Shawarma, beer night with the majority of my best friends (still living) in Ottawa. Set to happen the evening after I handed in my last assignment – a take home exam from hell – in the MA English literature program.
I set up camp, or a make-shift office in Malarie’s old bedroom because she left her desk behind after her move to her new home.

I was without a real desk besides the kitchen table all year at 184 Aylmer. I had a desk in my office at school, but lugging all my shit – books, MacBook Pro, a lunch, snacks, notes – to and from school started to get on my nerves. Especially in the summer heat.

Back to the Shawarma. The reason why I had been craving one so badly is because after 6 years of living in Ottawa I FINALLY created the perfect combination. Oh, and because it’s inexpensive for dinner. My favourite place for Shawarma is Castle Shawarma in downtown Ottawa. I’ve tried various Shawarma places in Toronto and they do not compare. It is all the same ingredients but it just does not give me the satisfaction that Ottawa Shawarma’s – even if it’s not made by Castle – give me.

Nom nom nom

Here it is: Daniela’s Shawarma
1. Chicken
2. Spicy garlic sauce + regular garlic sauce
3. Lettuce
4. Pickles
5. Pickled Turnips (Purple things)
6. EXTRA EXTRA TABOULEH (If they do NOT have Tabouleh LEAVE because it is NOT the same, or as delicious)
7. Share 1 order of Garlic Potatoes (because you can only eat about 1 or 2 potatoes and it’s too filling/impossible to eat alone)

8. Most importantly: eat with friends you trust and love because you’ll smell like garlic from the moment of ingestion until days to come.

Window Seats

Can you feel my excitement? Of course we sat at the front in the window while we inhaled our food. People passed by, looked in, and we were not ashamed…nor did we stop eating until everything was gone. Just a short stroll later with the passing out of gum – as if that would help – we met the boys at Aude Dubliner & Pour House also in the Ottawa Market. After a few pitchers we all drove home with full bellies, laughter in our hearts, and I felt at ease about leaving Ottawa for the last time.

Next step is a career. Wish me luck because I’ll be job hunting for quite some time…and hitting up cottages. You can’t work without relaxing a bit, or playing. It’s been a long, studious, stressful, anxiety filled year.

Nonetheless my family and friends helped me through.



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4 Responses to It tastes better in Ottawa // Shawarma

  1. McFadden says:

    Congrats Dee. Good luck with the job hunt! Come see our playoff games this week with Daly!

    • Dee says:

      I would come watch, and cheer as I have in A past game. LOL

      But, ALAS, I am back in Toronto and cannot afford the time to come back to Otts my friend. Let me know when you’re in TO! If you ever are in the future 😉

  2. Sarah says:

    I took you for your very first shawarma the night we met. REMEMBER???

    • Dee says:

      YES. Wasn’t it with Sarah or Michelle??? I think Michelle? MMMMMmmmmm. That one was soooo delicious and I remember you had to explain to me what it was LOL

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