107 Fourth Avenue Wine Bar and Cafe

View from my shelter, once I’d gotten off the bus.

The green store front – David’s Tea – where Sarah was hiding from the rain…so close, and yet so far.

Ironically, every time Sarah – my first year roommate in residence at Carleton University – and I get together… it pours. With her wedding on the horizon, it’s ironic that they say if it rains on your wedding day it’s good luck, so maybe it’s a blessing in disguise? I believe the rain proves that we will be friends for life, regardless of how we feel about it.


Once the rain stopped and we were no longer stranded across the street from each other at different shelters, we drank and dined at 107 Fourth Avenue Wine Bar and Cafe.

I’m a fish lover, but you don’t have to be to go to Fourth Ave. Wine Bar…or a drinker of wine for that matter. Sarah grabbed a pint, and I a caesar.

Our starter was a Caesar Salad with thick-cut smoked bacon, shaved parmesan cheese, and anchovies ($12). I can honestly say that it was in the top 3 best caesar salads I’ve had. Sarah played it safe and ordered a Steak Sandwich  Angus Reserve beef, Jarlsberg, sautéed mushrooms, peppers and onion on a toasted baguette. Served with salad and fries ($18) for her main, and I got the Seared Digby Scallops with double-smoked bacon, cabbage & sweet peas ($18). Whenever there is seafood on the menu, I cannot resist. Both looked and tasted amazing.

The mains don’t look very large, and that was a concern. However, I was so unexpectedly full that I was practically busting. This is when we decided to head downtown for a walk and some tea. We hit up the Tea Store for some peppermint tea, sat on the patio, and people watched for a while. It was the perfect way to settle our stomachs.

The atmosphere in Fourth Ave. Wine Bar is modern, yet cozy and warm. It allowed us to lounge and catch up without feeling overly fancy or too drab like a pub would have. We chose to sit next to the fish tank, kind of bizarre considering I like to consume fish, but they were so interesting to look at that we couldn’t resist.

All in all Sarah and I reminisced, caught up, and talked about our future weddings. She recently got engaged, so it’s natural for her to share with me what she has been planning, and I am definitely living vicariously through her joy, excitement, and preparations. I’m in no rush to tie the knot, but it’s always fun to daydream!

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4 Responses to 107 Fourth Avenue Wine Bar and Cafe

  1. Love Mom says:

    Sounds like you had a good time and a great delicious meal. In my opinion seafood is the way to go.

  2. cam says:

    I loooooove Fourth Avenue Wine Bar.
    The wine can be a bit pricey, but I love the atmosphere there.

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