“They are not a unit”

Case and point.

When walking on the sidewalk down the street, or the pathways on Carleton campus, or the numerous other places in the world…people coming in the opposite direction should – at the least – shift over a bit to make room for the other party.

I thought it was just me who got irrationally annoyed when people – particularly couples – don’t stop holding hands long enough to walk single file in public spaces. While walking from Dunton Tower to the CU library Geraldine, Christine, and I shifted over to make room for an oncoming couple. Do you think they budged? No. They were an unbreakable unit.

I’m all for romance, but is it because I’m single that I always have to be the one that moves? Is it my responsibility because I’m an “I” to be considerate of others having enough space? Regardless, whether it be with my friends – or I’m with a love interest, which is rare – I’m the one who always moves. As it turns out, so are my friends.

I don’t even enjoy holding hands with the guy I’m dating. Well, I do on occasion, but it isn’t a necessity when we’re walking around. Can’t you enjoy each others presence without being constantly intertwined by 5 fingers like a unit? The reality is that you’re two individuals.

What a world. Or city? Ottawa is full of couples, and I’ll admit not everyone is a unit, but come on people. Give a little, even if it is just a sidewalk to a stranger.



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4 Responses to “They are not a unit”

  1. fmakanda says:

    It’s an Ottawa thing. The couples here are annoying like that and I have expressed my complaint about this particular issue with friends. It’s like “you can hold hands once there’s nobody on the sidewalk”. I say walk between them. That’s what they do in Paris and it seems to work.

    • Dee says:

      I’ve thought about it, but I can’t bring myself to be that rude. I am outspoke, as you can tell from my blog, but to do more than give them dirty looks and bad karma vibes – i’m not sure.

      Thanks for letting me know you relate! Sometimes I think it’s a pet-peeve that’s unfounded in logic!!

  2. Love Mom says:

    Right on! I totally agree.
    The next you and I are out we will hold hands…mother and daughter in love L0L
    Love Mom

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