DIY // Studded Shorts

While on Instagram (an iPhone App for sharing photos) this past winter, I discovered studded high-waisted shorts. They are available at various stores for around $200.00 and up!

I know. I guess overly priced studded shorts are trendy – or something – in hot, sunny all year round, U.S. states like Cali? And Australia? Even in Canada Urban Outfitters is exploiting this trend, so you can imagine how pricey their version is. How is this price tag justifiable when us Canadians can only wear them 3 to 4 months of the year?!!

I voiced my dilemma to Jess – the desire to have a pair of pyramid studded shorts that aren’t high-waisted, and are affordable – which is where the determined, “do it yourself” attitude stemmed from.

The problem: we currently live in Ottawa, so where do we buy studs? The answer is no where. We ventured out to punk rock themed stores, and grunge shops surrounding the ByWard Market only to discover that ONE store has the square, gold studs I was looking for. But, they were selling 5 studs for over $5.00! We left.

Solution: we took our search online. Etsy and eBay saved us. I found a pack of 200 studs – tax and shipping included – for only $8.00!

Finding shorts were a bit easier, well, for me that is. Jess had a hard time finding the kind of high wasted, dark denim shorts that she had in mind. While at Forever 21 I found neon yellow – NON high waisted – shorts for $12.00. Jess hit up sale rack after sale rack all over town. Finally, she found shorts at Urban Outfitters, on sale. I can’t remember the exact price, but Jess went on a studding frenzy and brought over her older shorts as well.

You’ll need:
1. The studs.
2. Clothing you’re planning to stud.
3. Pliers.
4. Stitch cutter/sewing seam ripper.
Don’t worry it’s not hard. I am not crafty.

The studs have 3, 4 or 5 “teeth” on the back – depending on the type you buy, for example, the round silver ones had 5. So, these ones could be pushed through the fabric without a studding tool. Once we pushed them through with our hands, we assumed that we would need pliers, but we used our fingers to bend back the “teeth”. It was fantastic! So easy, and not dangerous.

In relation to patterns, I just copied a pair I had previously seen on Instagram, but really anything goes. (As you can see with Jess’s innovative and nuanced approach to studding her shorts.)

The back of my shorts needed a stitch cutter. I wanted the pocket to look like it was “worn in” and falling off with studs coming through, SO Jess helped me get started.

The removal of the left-hand seam of the back pocket was more tedious than putting the studs on. I got a tad frustrated because I wanted to finish the shorts by Brit’s birthday celebrations that night, so I could wear them. Eventually, with time, determination, and patience – from somewhere? – I managed to get all the stitches out, and began putting studs where the pocket used to be. Let me show you what I mean…

My booty.

We rocked our shorts last night, and they were a hit. We are proud to say that our shorts cost under approximately $20.00! WHAT A DIFFERENCE. I’m never this savvy. When I want something I usually splurge and get it, but this I just couldn’t do. I have about 100 studs left-over…imagine all of the possibilities.


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7 Responses to DIY // Studded Shorts

  1. cam says:

    the best

  2. Love Mom says:

    Crafty….just like mom! I hope the studs do not scratch or tear your shorts.

  3. Meagan says:

    Love the idea of the back pocket. Let’s do crafts together in Orillia!! hahaha

  4. Christina says:

    I loooove what you did with the back pocket!! And I really like Jess’ black ones too.

    Just goes to show how a little time and effort can totally save you money PLUS yours are unique to you!! 🙂 love it!

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