I love my natives // Shoes

Nativision has got me seeing native shoes in a whole new light! Nativision is quirky videos that present seasonally themed advertisements for new styles of native shoes, BUT WAIT…

Jericho Women shoes.

lets take a step back.

It is really Sarah – the owner of Slaysh, a lifestyle store – who introduced me to native shoes. While interviewing Sarah for an article I wrote for Herd Magazine – more on that story to come – I unconsciously perused her store and saw the native shoes that she’s been talking about on the Slaysh website. I instantly fell in love with the Jericho’s.

How could you go wrong with such a fantastic Canadian product? You can’t. Natives originated in 2009 and in Vancouver, B.C. by Damian Van Zyll De Jong with the help of his friend Matthew Penner. Canadian products bring joy to my life because they are quality made products. What makes natives stand out is the technology they use, “injection-molded EVA material”.

What does this mean? “Ethylene-vinyl acetate”. As stated by their Brand Intro 2012 Catalogue: “The natural characteristics of the material make it great for footwear because it molds to your feet. It’s also incredibly lightweight, shock absorbent, washable, waterproof, and odor-resistant”. All of the above is true and effective, I’ve noticed. But, they are also an animal by-product free company that produces colourful, stylish, and inexpensive footwear.

I had been looking for shoes with vibrant bottoms – neon soles – for a while. These white-topped, bright green/blue-ish bottoms – I know not neon but close enough – satisfied my desire!

Tina’s natives.

After instagram-ing some shots of the cute box, unique and informative tags, as well as the shoes themselves, I received a text from Tina. Currently living in Toronto, Tina wanted to know where I purchased my natives. A couple of hours later, she had found a spot in TO and bought them herself! We are twins, and I love it.

It’s not hard to “Keep it Lite” this Summer or coming Fall in my new natives.

P.S. They are great as water shoes. I’ve worn them in Constance Bay, Ottawa, Ontario because there are so many clam-like things in the water. I also brought them to my cottage, and used them in Lake Simcoe. They’re the most stylish water shoes, most people, have ever seen!


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4 Responses to I love my natives // Shoes

  1. Cute! Love that you and your friends are all loving their Native Shoes! Keep it lite 😉

  2. paul smith says:

    But by chance I found this article expressly wonderful sense when going through the experience and share it with people via the internet

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