Printing, printing, searching for articles, printing…


This is a rant.

Honestly, that is how irritated I am about the Masters English Literature Professors who didn’t compile a course-pack this year. At this level of academia, students don’t have time to be going from link to link to link – oh can’t find something – searching, searching, searching, until we find all the readings online.

Before class on Thursday I was hectically gathering all the excerpts for next weeks classes and printing everything in the Gec Lab (that’s the office with computers and printer – yes ONE printer that is a HUGE, giant, temperamental bitch – in the English department reserved for graduate studies students) when everything went to shit. I couldn’t find a couple of the readings and the printer decided to have a tantrum – paper jamming – right in the middle of the last article. I had to ask for assistance and pay to re-print it two more times.

There are a few connected problems here. One is copyright laws. I get it, the rules have changed, and Carleton can no longer leave their copies of the readings in the copy room for us to simply photocopy. That is now against the law. So everything is online. Well, it’s supposed to be? Either through the Carleton Library E-Reserves, or online databases…OR random VARIOUS links the Professor’s have found for us to use.

The Carleton Library is also not a good resource. It’s been okay thus far, so during my undergrad, but even then I found myself taking the shuttle to the University of Ottawa’s library. Not to mention it is now under CONSTRUCTION. YA, it’s more hollow than before. They do have wonderful online databases, but besides that…well let’s just say the coffee there is really good and always busy with socialites. It’d be nice if it was filled with more books…

Luckily, Alex – a fellow MA student – posted all the readings on Dropbox (a free online service where you can share files).

I would pay anything – even that steep $70.00 to $80.00 – for a course-pack to avoid all this shit. Plus you own that course-pack for life, citation of the source included, and no one wants loose-leaf photocopied papers!

White academic girl problems…okay, maybe olive? I don’t look that white.


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2 Responses to Printing, printing, searching for articles, printing…

  1. sgrewal says:

    Definitely annoying and this is the downside to copyright laws.

    • Dee says:

      I know….but really? The prof’s could get around the copyright if they just made that damn course pack.

      LOL as you know šŸ˜‰

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