Basement Beads Online Home

Kayleigh – the creator, designer, and maker of Basement Bead Jewellery – left a message on my initial blog post: Basement Beads with her new online home(s). It may be hard to stumble upon because it is a comment, so below is the information she left for us consumers.

You can find Kayleigh’s stuff on

She also has a website that is currently under construction:

I know my cousin Isabella will be pleased about being able to finally order some of Kayleigh’s jewellery online! She constantly tells me how much she loves my bracelet made by Kayleigh. Again, this is a local business and I am all about supporting them, so check out the goods and hopefully you’ll find something you love!

Just a fashion tip, you can pair these bracelets with anything! Right now mixing and matching thin bracelets is in, so you can pair it with wooden bangles (silver/gold work too), a Pandora leather charm bracelet, or even bright colour string! This unique look is dependent on what you already own, which I adore because it is that simple.


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