Cheers to DJ Daddy Holmes!

Hip hip hooooooray! It’s Father’s Day…

Last year’s post was a bit more sentimental and nostalgic. That’s not to say that this years is going to be less so…but I did manage to get my dad a gift this time around. A year ago I had just settled back home (Thornhill, Ontario) for the summer and was an intern, so you can imagine how FRUGAL – I hate that word but it’s true – I was being. I thought a homemade card would suffice, and it did.

While at a friends of a friends celebrating our Spartan victory I came across the neatest beer bottle opener. I found out where it was purchased – Ten Thousand Villages (the one I went to is located in Westboro Village, Ottawa) – and immediately I was on the look out. Initially buying this for myself – because it’s so modern, cute, and it’s from a fair trade retailer – I decided to give it – IN PERSON – to my dad! Luckily enough, Ricardo my roommate was driving to Mississauga to visit the love of his life, and dropped me off along the way!

It has been great to spend yesterday and today with my family. I always miss them so much – even my dad’s corny, sometimes inappropriately sexual jokes – and the laughs never stop when we’re all together. Can you picture what he did with the snake this morning? I’m still trying to forget…as is my mother.

HE loves beer, so it’s the perfect match!
Love you DJ Daddy Holmes


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2 Responses to Cheers to DJ Daddy Holmes!

  1. Meagan says:

    I bought the same opener for my brother! LOVE ten thousand villages… I buy most my christmas presents from there 🙂

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