Grapes and Cupcakes

Weekends packed with activities and good friends are the most memorable. If you’re short on ideas about how you can spend some quality time together don’t fret! Britany had a great idea this past Friday – GRAPES & CUPCAKES – wine that is. There is no shortage of laughs when I’m with Brit or her roommate Brendan. We put on some hip – dance – tunes and had a chilled kitchen party with cupcake making that went late into the night…

Little did I know that Britany knew how to make cupcakes from scratch. She had her little recipe out, marked with notes, and was determined to make double chocolate with homemade whip-cream for a topper.

Who am I kidding? I didn’t really help her make them, but I did bring Mal’s (my roommates) mixer for the occasion. There was no shortage of food that night, and I returned home with a full belly, feeling relaxed, and satisfied with how much fun it can be to just STAY-IN with the people you love.


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2 Responses to Grapes and Cupcakes

  1. Your Parents says:

    When you finally are home at the end of your school year why not make these for the family.
    Love Mom

    • Dee says:

      Ummmmmm Brit did all the real work, I just did the eating đŸ™‚

      But I can ask her for the recipe! You know I don’t bake mom…way to blow my cover lol

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