Spartan Aftermath.

Yesterday I woke up in a bit of pain…okay, that’s a bit of an understatement.

Muscle soreness – especially my shoulders and arms – cuts all over, and plenty of bruises on my knees. I finally overcame the shock I had been in since the end of the race on the previous day. Of course I lounged in my bed, under the covers, and hid away for most of the morning. Once I was able to muster up enough energy and strength for a bath, that’s where I headed. Thankfully, Mal – my roommate – had some epsom salts that I could use. I believe that they healed my physical pain immensely.

Little did I know how much pain I’d really be in once I sunk into that steamy bathtub…stinging all over. It took everything within me not to scream out curse words. At least I know that I completely disinfected everything…right? I know I’m just being a baby by complaining and sharing these disgusting photos…but I did not expect my knees and left elbow to feel like they had severe rug burn. Damn those barbed wire, rocky pits of mud…

It was all worth it though. What an experience. I didn’t realize what an accomplishment it was to complete the Spartan Race until I skyped with my mom and dad last night. As I was reliving my experience, laughing over hardships, and strangers helping me along the way because of my pitiful state…they helped me realize that only determined individuals, who think they can conquer anything – though they may be delusional like I was – would complete this race and come out looking like I currently do…

what an awesome adventure.


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4 Responses to Spartan Aftermath.

  1. Catherine says:

    Holy crap Dan! Those are some serious battle wounds!! It looks similar to my arms and legs after a night of drinking! (kidddddingggg!)

    You were right to post those pictures though, I see anything like that I click on it immediately to find out more 🙂 Super proud of you for completing the race! I want to hear all about it!


    • Dee says:

      Hahaha, thanks Cat!! It was tough, obviously painful, and those photos were too good not to post. I originally took them to send to my parents b/c they didn’t really seem to grasp how adventurous this race was…even after my descriptions…

      Thanks for reading!! Love ya!

  2. Your Parents says:

    OUCH!..Hope your wounds are starting to heal.
    love mom

    • Dee says:

      Sort of…the scratches and scabs are kind of itchy, but they are coming along. I am surprised by the amount of bruises I have everyday.


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