Is it Mom’s day? // Mother’s Day

Whoops! It completely slipped my mind. There I was this morning treating my mom like a mom.

I woke up at 7:40am to find my mom reading on her bed, waiting for me to give her the go ahead and drive me to Union station – located on Bay street, to catch my train to Ottawa. Then, I kindly asked her to make me a sandwich for the commute.

Following that I continued to add fruit to my paper brown bag when it occurred to me that she was just standing in the doorway. Next, I asked, or sarcastically commanded, her to put my luggage in the car. Lastly, she asked me to retrieve my cousin’s novels from my room, so that she could return them to her today and of course I refused to do it.

Mom’s last words, “I guess I’m helping you up until the last-minute today”. I laughed, knowing she was right about that one. Even while on the train I texted my mom, and asked her to mail the postcards – addressed to some friends – that I had accidentally left on my desk at home.

All of a sudden, it hit me, and I emergency texted,


In my defence, over the last two weeks that I’ve been home, my mom and I have been doing a lot of mother-daughter activities.

Just last night I invited myself and my brother, Matthew, to my parents “group-on” – fancy dinner – in the Distillery District at Tappo Restaurant, so that we could spend some more quality time together. This event quickly turned into our mother’s day celebration before my departure back to school. We had a fabulous time.

Following dinner I cancelled all my tentative plans with friends in order to watch It’s complicated – the movie with Meryl Streep –  with my mom because I love her oh so much!

Just because the world has designated today as mother’s day, does not mean your mom wouldn’t appreciate it if you spent time with her outside of today. Though my decision to stay in last night could have been influenced by my via rail departure time – 9:30am – we watch movies all the time together so it isn’t as though she needed me to do this or expected it.

Mom is mom, and I love her for it. No matter what you ask of her, or when, she’s more than willing to have your back.


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5 Responses to Is it Mom’s day? // Mother’s Day

  1. mom says:

    You do not have to feel guilty about Mother’s Day today. We spent time last night with the four of us and watched a movie. Mother’s Day does not have to spend only May it is the quality time spent together during the year.
    Love Mom
    ps: Is there a Son and Daughter’s Day…yes there is…everyday. LOL

  2. Sue says:

    Daniella, loved this story and you are an amazing daughter…sounds like you had some wonderfull family time together just the same.
    Moms know their childrens “hearts” no matter what you forget to say or do. BUT.. I am curious to what your Mom was grabbing at in the photo..LOL..have a great day and good train ride.

    • Dee says:

      Haha, well Sue my mom thought she was being funny…and was going for the monsters privates!! Lol!! Thanks for reading, and taking the time to comment.

      Happy mother’s day to you as well!! xo

  3. Sue says:

    Thanks Dee, and thanks for the chuckle..

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