Royal Ontario Museum on a Friday Night? I think so…

Tina and I

My high-school friend Christina aka Tina – now a downtown resident, having moved from Maple to the big City of Toronto – brought it to our attention that the Friday Night Live @ROM event is something we should go to. So…we did. Last Friday we gathered the girls together and met at the Royal Ontario Museum where the fun ensued. This Friday night event has been on since April 20th and will go until June 22nd.

Cover is $9.00 or $8.00 for students – lucky me, I saved a dollar but you have to show your not-so-flattering student ID card – and it is a 19+ event. It starts at 6pm and ends at 11pm. You are allowed to walk through the Galleries until 930pm which is awesome!

Entrance into the ROM all LIT UP!

They had pop-up food truck food by Fidel Gastro’s, JK Frites, and Waffle Bar. The girls and I tasted Fidel Gastro’s version of a pulled pork/meat sandwich and it was to die for! For only $5-6.00 you can have a delicious snack. The DJ’s were provided by ElectriCity Events and one of those DJ’s caught our eyes immediately…he was very dreamy. Every Friday the theme of this event is different, so when we attended on May 4th the event celebrated was:

“the 25th anniversary of Toronto Fashion Incubator with Chairman Ben Barry, chat with Dare to Wear Love and Textile Museum curator Sarah Quinton, hang out with Eco Luxe Designer Mariouche Gagne, and shop the Harricana Fashion trunk show”.

Runway Display

It was a pretty fabulous pre-drink for us, but the crowd was a bit odd. There were some creepers – mainly old men – hanging around. We assumed that it was due to the cheap entrance fee because anyone is able to afford a $9.00 cover. There were also some models walking around in a pack, and furred out from head to toe, which was interesting to watch. There is limited seating, but people are always moving around so we were able to both sit and explore the museum. By explore I mean venture to the animal exhibit and children’s area where we were able to put on various costumes!

While we were in the bug and bat exhibit area, Tina got to hold a wicked, scary, yet beautiful looking cockroach on her hand. Just petting the little creature made Val and I scream…but it really did feel just like a fingernail. With all these interactive activities I definitely recommend that everyone in the Toronto area visit on a Friday night. It is inexpensive and while you pre-drink there are so many things you can do! We all had a great time, and definitely loved beginning and ending our pre-drink party with the dinosaurs…


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