About a month ago Leslie and I ventured over to Slaysh because they had a mini event introducing Uranium’s new Spring/Summer 2012 Collection. I haven’t been able to shop lately because I have been so swamped with – as you know – SCHOOL. So when Sarah (the owner of Slaysh) messaged me on Facebook to ensure that I would not miss this event I was very thankful.

By chance two of my good friends had birthdays coming up. Every girl loves receiving jewellery, so this was the perfect opportunity to shop for not only myself but them as well. Uranium Jewellery, as I have said in a past post, is a Canadian – Montreal – based company. The jewellery Uranium produces is unique and very trendy! I love supporting Canadian products and local stores – like Slaysh – when I can. Here are some of the things that I purchased that day:

Sarah’s 24th Birthday Present.

A Little Something for Myself…

What was awesome about this event was that with a $30.00 dollar purchase we received a free gift from Uranium. Leslie and I ended up with some cute necklaces that would be stylish when paired with other necklaces for a more chunky look:

Free Gift.

All in all I found gifts for my friends that suited their personalities, and something cute for myself to help vamp up my somewhat drab – old – wardrobe. I have already worn my new earrings twice! Each time receiving compliments from my friends. You can order Uranium’s jewellery online, and it is not only inexpensive but long-lasting. Uranium makes both costume jewellery and everyday pieces that you will fall in love with. Uranium pieces are a must have for the summer!


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4 Responses to Uranium

  1. Sarah says:

    I have worn my braclet so many times already! I love it. I approve this blog post.


  2. Uranium says:

    Hi Dee, we’re so glad you enjoyed the event 🙂 And thanks so much for the lovely mention on your blog 🙂 xxx

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