Monday should always be sunny.

What I am about to say…is nothing new. MONDAY SUCKS! You know that. You would think that it is better for me because I’m a student, but that’s not true. I currently have to grade my TA classes final exams before Friday.

The thing that makes each Monday even worse is that it isn’t always sunny on Mondays. It’s CANADA people. It rains in April – practically non-stop – or some years it snows like today. I woke up…had left my window open all night – as per usual – and it felt colder than it has been the last couple of weeks. I look at my phone. My friend Ian had text me “Let’s go see the polar bears”. I look outside and this is what I see…

GROSS. I know. I am in shock! I venture downstairs to look outside the front door in order to fully understand¬†just how bad this is…

PHEW! Not that bad. It is even raining, so the snow should melt away pretty quickly. Too bad I lost my debit card on Friday – it fell in between the seats in the Taxi I took home with Britany – because that is what I need to do today. ERRANDS. Running errands in the wet, cold Monday paired with the task of grading exams…

it doesn’t look pretty.

Good thing I kept my winter jackets out.


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