Spicy Thai Soup

“Where did you get that?”

After making Britany’s photo my display picture on Facebook, everyone asked me “where did you get that???”

Well here it is in case you missed it:

ByWard Market (Indoor) Entrance

ByWard Market (Indoor) Entrance

ByWard Market (street) Entrance

ByWard Market (street) Entrance

Sushi Zone in the ByWard Market Square Building (55 ByWard Market Square, Ottawa). Initially, Britany and I were walking through on a Saturday afternoon and saw an older couple sitting in the chairs closest to the indoor entrance (photo on the right) eating a huge bowl of soup. We immediately looked at each other and walked right in. Inside we found the sweetest, cutest old Asian couple. They were very happy to see us, and we asked for the same soup that we had seen the older couple eating.

It turned out it was a Spicy (and sweet) Thai soup. We were ecstatic. It was the perfect combination of Asian vegetables, a huge pile of chicken, glass-like noodles, and both sweet and sour in flavour. They make it fresh, right in front of you. You can taste the difference between a fresh soup and a pre-made one. The portions are HUGE and it only costs $7.00-$9.00 depending on whether you get chicken or seafood.

My other friend Sarah and I ventured back there yesterday. We began at David’s Tea, but once I began explaining where Brit and I had got this Spicy Thai Soup our mouths instantly began to fill with saliva. We had to go. This time I ordered the Seafood Spicy Thai Soup, rather than the chicken.

There was a copious amount of shrimp and crab sticks. I loved it. It’s amazing that both times I  thought to myself I wouldn’t be able to finish it, but trust me you can. It’s so delicious you’ll be using your hands to lift the bowl and drink the shallow bits that are left.

Honestly, this soup is best on a rainy day. It warms your soul. Bring tissues because it makes your nose run…


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2 Responses to Spicy Thai Soup

  1. mom says:

    Oh my. You made my mouth water and you will have to take me there to enjoy the experience and food.
    Love Mom

    • Dee says:

      OH YA! We could go there for sushi as well on friday. Since they have a variety there maybe dad won’t be weirded out OR there are other restaurants in that hallway so he could just eat something else. Like pizza, or a wrap.

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