Being gullible is a FLAW…Damn it!

Everyone knew and NO one told me. Cammie doesn’t even live with us anymore and she was in on it. It’s sad how gullible I am. It is a life-hazard.

In the early hours of the morning, Malarie came home from her night shift. While getting ready for bed…the toilet began to overflow. Okay, that’s an exaggeration. The water was about to overflow, but stopped right beneath the brim.

Rick and I woke up to a note taped to the toilet lid explaining what had happened, and questioning as to where the plunger was in case of emergencies.

I hadn’t seen Malarie or Rick for a day – due to our opposite and my weird schedule – so I text Rick asking if the toilet was broken.

He said “YES”. Once he got home, I asked him what that meant. He said, “you need to plunge the toilet before you go to the washroom. If you have to poop plunge it 10 times before you go, and ten times after”.

This being a hassle, I held my pee and went to bed. The next morning I couldn’t hold out any longer. I began to plunge…

Rick was laughing in his bed.

He didn’t tell me until YESTERDAY that it was a TRICK. What a mischievous little ass, but a clever one…


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4 Responses to Being gullible is a FLAW…Damn it!

  1. mom says:

    Yes you are gullable but I would not be surprised if the toilet overflowed being an old house along with an old toilet and all the use it gets. I guess they got you good and they should watch their backs because one day they will be just as gullable if you plan a unsuspecting tick on them..
    Love Mom

    • Dee says:

      I honestly thought about it, and I’ve got nothing…YOU KNOW I CAN’T LIE! That’s another flaw or…good thing about me? You choose. BUT I always seem to laugh.

  2. Rick says:

    this was probably the funnest prank i have ever pulled on anyone 🙂 thanks for being a good sport about it haha… thought you’d be so mad when you found out!

    • Dee says:

      It is because it was harmless, and a really good prank. BUT when you jump on my bed in the middle of the night I AM DEFINITELY less pleased RICHARD. Because that is not even a good prank.

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