I am so gullible.

Who knew that you could still be fooled while sitting at home in your pajama’s while no one is home, and you are working on your “Blacks and Jews” final paper.

I answered a phone call from my friend Ian this morning who stated,

“I received an email from Professor Bohm (our Faust Theme class Professor) and he said he will deduct marks if your final paper is longer than 10 pages”.

My out loud response,
“OH GOD! But in class he said the length doesn’t matter! I really do not want to have to re-edit my paper AGAIN. I haven’t even finished the first draft of my ‘Blacks and Jews’ paper…”

My silent – in my head – response,
“F–k! I don’t want to read that AGAIN! I am done with it”

Ian concludes, “APRIL FOOLS”

Damn it…how does that happen? I am so gullible. To the point that I even – for a split second – thought that the West Jet VIDEO  my friend Leslie posted was real. Of COURSE people wouldn’t send their children where the luggage goes to pre-board without having to deal with them!

My advice to you is to be aware that it is April Fools day. Just laugh it off people…laugh it off.


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