Sunny days, cold winds, and the library // Master of Arts Degree

The weather went from cold – to summer warmth – to freezing winds.

Where have I been? Good question. The library…researching and writing while the sunny days with cold winds fade into the dinner hour and my empty stomach leads me home.

Final papers have consumed my life this month. Yes I have managed to socialize – not as much as I would like to – but I do. I got my toe-nails done. Highlight? I think so! Sometimes I even socialize in the library on the SILENT floor! Scandalous.

I just wanted to inform you that this will be my last post for March…I just have not had the time (or managed my time well enough?) to be able to post more frequently this month. I don’t even really have much to say…when I’m not doing homework I feel guilty. The only way to put that guilt to rest is to continue working until your caffeine induced focus runs out, you have blood shot eyes, no longer understand what you are reading or thinking, and are starting to fall asleep.

Well…the Spring Semester is slowly coming to an end. What’s left on my TO DO list?

1. Edit my Faust Theme final paper.
2. Take my “Blacks and Jews” seminar and rework it into a final paper…eek.
3. Grade my TA classes final papers.
4. Come up with a thesis for my Bohemian Literature final paper, research that idea, and bust it out.
5. Grade my TA classes final exams.

Notice how when you number your tasks it seems more manageable? Is that just an illusion? As I said at the end of Winter semester, see you on the other side my friends…and hopefully with spectacular grades!
Happy March-Madness friends, don’t miss me too much!


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4 Responses to Sunny days, cold winds, and the library // Master of Arts Degree

  1. cam says:

    Yaaaay you’re almost done!
    there is light at the end of the tunnel…it may just be a spec for now, but just get one of those items out of the way and you’ll feel the best!

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