Anticlimactic hour forward

Spring forward, Fall back…who could forget? Obviously, I did. If it weren’t for my iPhone I would have been living in the past without even knowing it.

I woke up later than usual on Sunday morning, and was happy that my body had taken advantage of the time to sleep in. Receiving the rest that I had needed. False. Feeling rejuvenated, I text Christina letting her know how I had accomplished 9-10 hours of sleep, and was jolted into reality. The times changed.

Every year my mother sends me an URGENT email stating that the time is about to move backwards or forwards an hour, and the day that it is supposed to occur. This year I received NO such email. Not having time to adjust my mindset, or prepare my body to the change, I had assumed nothing had happened. What an anticlimactic event! I think my body is still suffering from the subdued surprise I felt Sunday morning.

With this disruption in my thoughts – that I had not really slept longer than normal – and looking ahead to the end of Spring semester, I began to feel physically weird. I have been so consumed with school, preparing and giving seminars in particular, that I hadn’t noticed how late in the semester it really is. I have about 4 weeks in total to construct 3 final papers, two of which I have no thesis for. I am trying to stay calm, but those papers are not all I have to do. As a Teaching Assistant that means final paper grading, and final exam grading that haunts my future.

Every evening when the sunlight lasts for a longer period of time, and the night comes into being at a later hour…I feel rejuvenated, yet petrified that one more day is coming to an end…which seems faster than usual.


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3 Responses to Anticlimactic hour forward

  1. Posky says:

    I always forget too and then always remember last minute. Do you get that odd almost sick feeling the next few days? I do.

    …I bet daylight saving time has prompted, at least, a dozen murders and hundreds of suicides in the last decade.

    • Dee says:

      I do get an odd sick – body – feeling…I wouldn’t say I am as depressed as someone suffering from wanting to commit suicide, but I wouldn’t be surprised either if it had that big of an effect on someones mindset and body.

      I was surprised that I was so out of whack the last week, so who knows!?

      • Posky says:

        I was right there with you and am fully prepared to get my revenge on the Department of Transportation. Let me know when you want to make your move.

        …They’re going to get the frowning of a lifetime.

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