DAVIDs TEA is in town…

by town I mean the Glebe, Ottawa…and I love it. DAVIDs Tea is a tea shop that sells loose leaf teas hot or cold. This past autumn my old-roommate (tear) Cammie and I ventured to the glebe on our bikes to have sushi for dinner, and tea as dessert. This led us to trying DAVIDs Tea for the first time. It was marvellous. Not only is it colourful on account of all the tins holding copious amounts of flavours on the shelf, BUT every-time I have gone there with friends the staff is excellent! They are friendly, and KNOW the product well.


DAVIDs TEA is not extremely new…they are located all across Canada, but what IS exciting is that there is a new flavour of tea.It is called:
All the ingredients are imported from Haiti, so that part of the sales (of this particular tea) are put towards the Haiti Earthquake Relief Fund. This tea is sweet and fruity, but not in an overpowering way. I honestly think anyone would enjoy it, even if you do not have a sweet tooth – like myself – it is a wonderful treat. Also, it isn’t too shabby knowing that you are helping raise money for a good cause.

All three of us – Jess, Leslie, and I – enjoyed a long catch-up-chat during our reading week over hot cups of Kanpe tea. It was a milder than normal February evening after the snow had begun to melt, and the sky was clear. I even busted out my leather jacket for the occasion.




Just remember…don’t cry over spilled tea. You can clean it up way easier than spilt milk!


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4 Responses to DAVIDs TEA is in town…

  1. Emilia says:

    Next time I am in Ottawa you and I will have to have some tea.
    Love Mom

  2. Emilia says:

    Sounds like a great place for good tea and conversation. I will definately go there next time I’m in Ottawa.

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