Did you notice?

Did anyone notice that yesterday was Friday the 13th? Cause I sure didn’t!

As we were out last night for my roommate Malarie’s birthday dinner at The Smoque Shack in the  ByWard Market (downtown Ottawa) Hilary and Cammie were talking about it. Figures that on Friday the 13th it was pouring rain in the early hours of the morning, which turned into freezing rain/ice blankets. Yesterday was a snow day for many people…after practically two straight days of snow had piled up. Let me just tell you that the food at The Smoque Shack is amazing. I had the shaved brisket sandwich, with a side of mac and cheese.

It was divine, and even though they wouldn’t take our reservation because it was for dinner after 530pm on a “weekend” night, it was well worth the wait. The beer wasn’t too shabby either, or the deep-fried pickles. I love pickles and now I can FINALLY say I tried pickles like this. We also tried a Vanilla beer that they had on tap, but it wasn’t our fav.

All in all nothing bad happened to me. I had the day off from work – my Professor who I TA for kindly informed me prior to our class that it was a Virtual LIbrary Tour day and there was no need for me – so I remained cozy in my PJ’s reading.

Better luck next year bad luck…I’m knocking on wood…


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4 Responses to Did you notice?

  1. Yatin says:

    I made travel plans without knowing about it, a friend reminded me about it a day before, still continued with the plans, apart from nasty traffic didn’t head into anything major. Survived to comment on your post.

  2. hisflyness1 says:

    No single Friday the 13th has ever broguht horrific incidents in my past so I believe it’s just a superstition that I don’t really worry so much about.

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