Where’s the snow at?

There was no SNOW this Christmas. The snow came about 4 days after Christmas day, but then the rain melted it away. Leave it to Toronto to be too mild for snow this year. We had a few days of freezing rain, which doesn’t go well with drive ways and heels.

Christmas Eve is more important to my family than Christmas day. For us – the Italian side – it is the feast of fish, and a feast it was. Pasta with a tomato sauce filled with shell-fish is the highlight of our dinner, and the late night clams. After we stuff our faces, we anticipate 10pm when my cousins and I are allowed to whip out the presents from our parents with PJ’s inside. Once those are on, and we have a mini-fashion show, we play bingo until midnight when we can wish everyone a Merry Christmas. The only downside to Christmas this year was the lack of wintry, blustery, FESTIVE snow.

The intensity of school the last four months has caused me to be the laziest I’ve ever been during the holidays. Hence the lack of blog posts. After my flight home I headed straight for the kitchen and consumed tons of homemade food. A concoction of my Nonna and my mother’s cooking. I immediately went to the doctor and came out with antibiotics for strep throat. I slept for the majority of my first week home. I finished grading the 1st year exams I was given by Professor Hewson, and further relaxed while hanging out with my family and some of my closest friends.

New Years Eve snuck up on me this year. With so many of my close friends in Toronto it is hard to decide on what to do, and who to celebrate the New Year with. This year I decided to keep it low-key, and hangout with my family. They ordered in Chinese food – because if Italians aren’t cooking for themselves that is the only other option for them on New Years Eve – and we feasted. My cousin Emily, my mother, and I decided to play UNO. A card game that lasted longer than any of us had expected.

Unfortunately, Emily was the champion of 2011. Hopefully, she doesn’t read this and gloat! The holidays are meant for people to spend time with their family. Although at times that can be hard – not everyone can get along ALL of the time – especially not FAMILY – they are the ones who will love you the most and always.

Happy 2012 everyone! I desperately hope the snow comes back…it wasn’t the same without it.




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