The CN Tower Warms My Heart

In a city that seems so big, it’s a small world (cliché I know, but it couldn’t be more true).

My favourite part about living just outside of Toronto is that when you are downtown whether for: casual drinks, dinner, the theatre, concerts, or to party…you can always see the CN Tower. I don’t know exactly what it is. It could be its height, or grandeur. Maybe it is the feeling of being home, the friends I’m with, or that I am in a city that has been familiar since I was young. When the CN Tower is lit up its mesmerizing. Regardless, something about the CN Tower warms my heart.

Haley is a new friend of mine and she is also doing her MA in English Literature at Carleton. Little did we know that we have mutual friends in Toronto. It was these mutual friends who brought us together at The Mod Club for The Midway State’s last performance on their Canadian tour last night.

The concert was fun, entertaining, and chill. The band’s presence on stage was heart-felt, and that came across to the entire audience. To have a listen to the album, Paris or India click here! You will love it.

Bringing friends together, the new and the old, can be difficult sometimes. There are those rare few who will always mesh well regardless of who it is with. Last night was another one of those nights. It is always fun when I reunite with my friends from high school while in Toronto. We head downtown with the mindset that anything can happen, and it usually does…the most fun is the laughs.


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