The Moonroom

Christina, a former resident of Ottawa who is currently living in Toronto, was visiting Ottawa for the weekend. I hadn’t seen her since I moved back to Ottawa for school. We were over due for some face time, drinks, pretty-ing ourselves up, and catching up.

Cammie suggested that we go to The Moonroom on 442 Preston street in Little Italy. 2 girlfriends became 3 and a girls night was born. Lets face it, you can never have too many girls-night-outs! Preston street is jammed with an overabundance of tasty Italian restaurants where you can get delicious food, red wines, and an assortment of beer.

The Moonroom is a little different. It is a lounge. It has white-fabric-draped ceilings that light up and change colours sporadically. The ambiance is cozy and warm. With a chalkboard filled with appetizers that make your mouth water just from reading them. The assortment of cheeses to accompany your wine is abundant and inexpensive.

Cheese, Apricots, and Baked Bread

When it comes to cocktails I tend to stay away from wines. I only really enjoy red wine when it’s paired with a hearty meal (usually including tomato sauce). My cocktail of choice is a caesar (spiced rum and coke if I plan to continue the party, or eggnog and white rum around the holidays). The Moonroom makes a caesar that is delicious, savoury, not costly, and comes with three tasty olives! Need I say more?

The conversation was wonderful and I missed Christina very much, but the best part was The Moonroom’s unique twist to their receipts. I know, this is a bit odd, but Cammie was just as excited as I was.

Maybe because we both studied English Literature, but so what?!

The Moonroom gives you your receipt inside a novel! Ironically, we each received a book that seemed to relate to us in some way. I won’t tell you who received what book, but it was uncanny that the books somehow connected to our pasts, or our current lives.

I will definitely be making a second visit to The Moonroom. If you are with good company and looking for somewhere low-key, and local to get drinks this is a unique spot. It does fill up quickly and there isn’t much seating, so be sure to get there before 11pm!


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2 Responses to The Moonroom

  1. ellejay613 says:

    Sounds like it was a fun night! Love the twist on receipts! The Wellington Gastropub in Westboro gives them in CD cases!

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