Travel // Oh how I miss you.

Dear Travel,

Oh how I miss you, and more than you’ll know! That is what happens when you spoil me prior to being locked down in a Masters Program.

Travelling was good to me in 2011. Beyond good, and some might say fortunate. At the beginning of the year my parents and I whisked off to Las Vegas. Annually my father goes there for work for a technology – camera oriented – convention. My mother and I tagged along for fun, and definitely had a memorable experience. The three of us would walk around during the day, and explore the lands. We saw shows at night like Cirque du soleil’s Mystere, and Chris Angel’s Believe. We ate delectable sushi, burgers, sandwiches for dinner and relaxed in the pubs and casinos late into the night. My father being more of a party animal than myself.

Having taken half the year off from school I decided to visit my good friend Laura at her humble abode in Vancouver, and drive up to Whistler for a couple of days, and indulged in snowboarding everyday during our stay – not to mention we relaxed every night in the hot tub with cocktails, and beer. The company of Laura is indescribable and it was my pleasure to convince Travelling to go see her.

BUT then Travel turned on me, and I began to suffer from an ear infection. The plane ride home was not pleasant. My ear was popping constantly and in a lot of pain due to the altitude. We soldiered on didn’t we? I was back for one day in Ottawa, and went straight to the doctor for antibiotics. Slept the day away, and began packing again…

Travelling had provided me with one last excursion. Where the sun, tan, ocean, and party exist. It was time for an extended girls weekend in Miami, South Beach. Again the flight was not pleasant, and my ear was not pleased. The adventures we had there were unlike any others. We explored the urban streets and came to realized that the relaxed attitude, and artistic lifestyles are very dominant there! Which was really neat. The shopping was amazing as well… as well as the nightclubs such as Liv. Where if you’re a woman chances are you’ll get in free, and receive free drinks all night long!

Travelling, why have you left me so suddenly? And without hope? There has been no preparation of another trip, and you are even tricking me into thinking I’m going somewhere new, and exotic this Christmas when I FLY home to Toronto for the holidays! That is cruel.

I guess I won’t be seeing you until after September 2012. I will wait for you patiently, and longingly until then. Let’s make it something grand, and spectacular. Maybe Italy? Or a Euro trip? Possibly a return to Hong Kong? Let me know!




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