Which is worse Insomnia or Bugs?

This past Saturday after daylight savings time my body was feeling a little wonky. I powered through some assignments and readings though because we were having a roommates movie night. What was on the menu? The Goonies! I could not pass that up.

If you’ve noticed these are minor details prior to the climax of the night, which was my discovery of a silver fish?!? – maybe something else – on the wall in my bedroom. I am NOT a fan of bugs. I do not kill them. I call my father to do that, or my old roommate Suni after that. BUT in this house there’s a rule. YOU SEE IT YOU KILL IT.

I think this is a little unfair but lately I’ve been getting away with others coming to help me. Not too long ago I had TWO LADY BUGS in my room. AND I know what you’re thinking, “lady bugs are harmless”. LET ME TELL YOU that they are NOT. They kept psychotically  flying around my room towards all lights. Until they finally ended up in my light fixture unable to get out. Ian caved to my despair, and came upstairs to take down the light fixture and threw them down the toilet. My savior.

WAD of tissues in my hand, and ready to pounce on this disgusting bug on the wall above my bed – I didn’t even get near enough for him to sense me – and he RAN AWAY! Where? I have no idea. I screamed, and began to move my bed away from the wall. Flipped back ALL of my sheets, and pillows in fear that it climbed in.

My failed attempt haunting me – I had no other choice – but to go back downstairs and finish watching the movie. I kept the light on though so that there wouldn’t be another appearance.

Ready for bed, and movie over I went back upstairs. I looked around. There on my garbage can was the BUG. I whispered to Rick to come help me kill it. He wasn’t opposed and so grabbed paper towel. He caught it! BUT it slipped out of his hands. He claims that he hurt it, but we will never really know.

That night I slept with my lamp on, and woke up every few hours frantically wiping my mouth and head. I did not want protein that night, and everyone kept saying I was going to eat it in my sleep.

Clearly insomnia is no joke, and I know people who suffer on occasion from it. BUT if you get it from knowing there are bugs in your room I hear you! I haven’t slept properly in the last two nights, and am sleeping on the side of the bed furthest from the walls.


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10 Responses to Which is worse Insomnia or Bugs?

  1. Rick says:

    You blogged about this?! A midnight Blair Witch Project-style video blog would have been better 🙂 And that was the tiniest silverfish I have ever seen! Anyways, I will kill any bug you find from now on… hopefully that makes you sleep a little easier 🙂

  2. madiebel says:

    Do you remember our spider incident in first year? When Em and I found a HUGE like white spider in our room and we were losing it, and screaming so loud that security came to see what was wrong. I still don’t understand, HOW did it get into our room 11 floors up? :S

    • Dee says:

      OH MAN, i asked myself that same question in relation to this bug. Usually, they are in bathrooms or basements NOT bedrooms. HAHA I do remember that. We looked pathetic but i don’t care. It was huge, and gross that spider.

  3. Cammie says:

    i’d say insomnia is worse….at least when you are sleeping, you don’t have to worry about bugs crawling all over the place. IGNORANCE IS BLISS i says

  4. Christina says:

    oh my gosh… you know I can sympathize with this. I HATE BUGS INDOORS. Rick knows this as well having had to come save Stephy and I from a spider or two earlier this year.

    It’s probably the single worst thing about living alone. Luckily I’ve only seen two bugs in my apartment and that was early on when I had just moved in, I like to think that it’s because the previous tenants were gross and didn’t care to do anything about bugs and now my place is spic and span and unappealing to them, haha. If you’re ever in a bind, let me say from experience, bathroom cleaner (to poison it), hairspray (to keep it from getting too far) and a vacuum (so you don’t have to touch it) are your friend! (Look, I had to make do with what I had)

    Honestly though, I’m still not too keen on emptying the vacuum canister… 😛

    • Dee says:

      Hahahaha, everyone says to use a vacuum, and one when my mom was here and those ladybugs were going mental I used fabreeze. It didn’t work very well.

  5. Emilia says:

    Oh Daniela not again! The only reason why Fabreeze did not work was of your bad aim. (L0L); but they smelled nice. Be thankful for Rick your personal bug killer.
    Love mom

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