Chocolate or Chips?

Doing your masters is equivalent to perma-reading, and sorta studying full-time.

I say sorta because there isn’t any memorization involved, but your brain is constantly pumping through readings, analyzing what you’ve read, and producing some original thought.

AND SO while studying what do you do? OR what do I tend to do? Get hungry for snacks!! Some have sweet tooth’s. Others have salty cravings. Which do I prefer? For those of you who know me in person it’s obvious… CHIPS! I do discriminate when it comes to brands and flavours unless I’m desperate. Worst case scenario I’ll opt out for cheese and crackers instead of desserts. I also prefer meals over snacks, but that’s another story.

The best of the best is: Miss Vickie’s Salt and Vinegar or sweet chilli heat, Humpty Dumpty Original, Lays BBQ (because they are tangy, sweet, and bbq-esk),  Sun-chips have to be original cheddar, and doritos must be cool ranch!

I often have a bag of chips on hand, and that’s not to say that I eat them everyday. I don’t. However, once that bag is ripped open I could potentially eat it all in one sitting. I try not to because it’s unhealthy and people would judge me, but mainly because eating that much of one flavour makes me feel sick.

I know people who love cake, cupcakes, cookies, anything that involves chocolate or just plain old sugar. I don’t judge those people. I too indulge in a cupcake here or there, or when my roommate Mal bakes yummy things. I just don’t go out of my way to get them. I also don’t really enjoy sweets unless I have a coffee or tea in the other hand to accompany them.

I like to think I take after my father… well I know I do. His love for chips mimics my own. I do love dark chocolate (70 – 75%) but it’s hard for me to eat more than 2 squares of it. Where as a bag of chips can go down no problem. My brother can eat a whole pie, or cake in one sitting. That makes me cringe. Where he got that from… who knows?

Happy Snacking!


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2 Responses to Chocolate or Chips?

  1. Cammie says:

    mmmmmm snacks! while i prefer a good chip (i must agree with the miss vickie’s sweet chili lime choosing), my stomach will always have room for baked goods – cupcakes, cakes, cookies (any kind. unless it has raisins. ew), scones, muffins. this is why i am so sweet.

    • Dee says:

      Lol, I just saw this response now. Thanks for the insights Cammie! I definitely know you to be a sweets over salty kinda gal. 🙂

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