Gobble Gobble

I have often said that I would like to try hunting, and if I was afforded the opportunity I would shoot a turkey. I could NEVER shoot a deer – BAMBI, hello? – or cute rabbits, but a turkey I would be able to target and pull the trigger without remorse.

That may sound cruel, and it’s not even because they are delicious that I would kill one. I hate the taste of white meat, and turkey especially. Unless it’s the meat around the neck or the wing itself – both red meat – I don’t enjoy dry or gravy soaked turkey meat.

It is most often my mom’s duty to cook the turkey Thanksgiving day, and since the neck cooks the fastest I’d have a mid-day snack. Then once Nonna arrived – same day, for the same meal – there would be lasagna too. Way more delicious than bird.

That being said, hopefully everyone enjoys their thanksgiving this upcoming weekend. I’m looking forward to the holiday for ONE reason! Mom’s here!

I will be missing out on my family – the 12 other members – meeting on Sunday to carve the said bird. This makes me sad, but to travel all the way home for a rushed holiday while I need to immerse myself in my readings, and mark first year essay outlines doesn’t sound appealing. Plus Christmas is just around the corner…

Happy Gobble day!


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